March Against Extinction

#Justice4All #Justice4Earth

7 October 2017

Photo by Christin Winter

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We raised our collective voices for Appendix 1 but it failed to pass at CoP17. Still, some progress for elephants and rhinos was made at the international wildlife trade conference.

Photo by Dex Kotze

CoP17 Recap

We March Against Extinction and demand our governments take action to STOP the poaching of elephants and rhinos and END the trade in ivory and rhino horn.

More than 130 cities around the world participated in the 2016 Global March for Elephants and Rhinos.
“According to experts, these marches keep political pressure on leaders to protect the world’s largest land animal.”

Good news for elephants? Ivory prices plummet.
ShareAmerica, U.S. State Department

Maasai Mara, Kenya

Auckland, New Zealand

Nairobi, Kenya

Pretoria, South Africa

Gaborone, Botswana

Jinja, Uganda

Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Atlanta, USA

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