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Cop18 – Raise your Voice Against Extinction

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AFRICA SPOTLIGHT: Community-Based Conservation

Our campaigns in Africa engage local communities in creative ways that nurture a love of wildlife and promote justice for human and animal communities. 

Kids and Elders to Kruger (KE2K)

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GMFER, in partnership with the Black Mambas Bush Babies, offers a program to bring people from indigenous communities surrounding Kruger into the park. When Kruger National Park was formed, indigenous peoples were forced off their land. This injustice bleeds into contemporary society as many indigenous Africans around Kruger live in poverty and are shut out of the benefits of conservation (some have never before seen an elephant, rhino or lion). KE2K aims to shift that paradigm and nurture an appreciation for wildlife. Help us bring more kids and elders to Kruger!

Music & Stories That Inspire Conservation

Donate to make Shubert’s studio a reality!

Shubert Mwarabu, a charismatic activist on behalf of wildlife in Tanzania, inspires young people through his music to get involved in conservation. GMFER is working to help him set up his own studio in Dar es Salaam so that he can broadcast into the hinterlands, engaging local folk in storytelling and a conversation about conservation. With a dedicated studio, Shubert can reach a broader group of people, nurturing ongoing conversations that explore the richness and wild heritage in Africa as well as the challenges people face to protect it. Shubert cannot realize his dream without your help!

Guppets (GMFER Puppets)

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A wonderful, young Afrikaner woman from Hoedspruit is working with GMFER President Rosemary Alles to create muppets for communities to craft drama/theatre and plays on behalf of children. The goal is to nurture more awareness of wildlife and communities while in turn, we learn more about local issues and problems through these “plays.”

Action Alerts: Use Your Voice! Quick Action.

Consumption is NOT Conservation

Urge Kenya to reject consumptive utilization of wildlife.

Storm and Tweet for Justice!

May 15, 2019

End Japan's Ivory Trade

Send letter urging a total ban on domestic trade.

Ban the Trade!

Urge Australia and New Zealand to end trade in ivory and rhino horn.

Killing is NOT Conservation

Demand ban on U.S. imports of elephant trophies.

End Canada's Ivory Trade

Ban the sale of elephant ivory in Canada. #ivoryfreecanada


Bombo Lumene Tree Planting Project

Conserv Congo started a tree-planting campaign in the Bombo Lumene region on the outskirts of a reserve near Kinshasa (DRC). GMFER sponsored the first set of trees planted in the region, where deforestation and a rampant bushmeat trade have taken a toll on wildlife and on the desperately poor human communities living nearby. Although elephants and lions no longer roam the area, the region still hosts dynamic wildlife, including the African Grey Parrot. Please DONATE to help GMFER support this project and sustain local engagement and interest.

Learn more about Conserv Congo’s tree-planting project.

SEWAM Afforestation Project

Samarrth Khanna, a young, dedicated environmentalist in India, started SEWAM‘s Afforestation Project, planting trees in inner-city Faridabad. In 2018, GMFER provided support for the project, helping this group of young people create spaces and places for trees and animals in the urban core. Samarrth says, “Our afforestation efforts would not only add to India’s green cover but also make sure that the animals in the city get a peaceful place where they can live, eat, drink or nest. We are very happy to partner with you in this journey of creating forests.” Please DONATE to help GMFER support SEWAM’s effort to plant more trees in India.


Objection to Proposed Management Plan for Kruger

SANParks proposed a 10-year management plan for Kruger National Park that includes a golf course, clay-pigeon shooting, and culling elephants, shifting its focus from conservation to financial gain. Economic gains that harm wildlife and habitat are unacceptable. GMFER submitted objections to some aspects of this proposed plan. To submit your own objections, send an email to 

Campaign to Ban Ivory in Hong Kong

GMFER launched an online letter-writing campaign to Hong Kong officials urging passage of a complete ban on the domestic ivory trade. Pressure from the GMFER community along with conservation groups and activists from around the world resulted in a successful vote in January 2018 to ban the domestic ivory trade. GMFER Core Strategist, Shubert Mwabaru, visited Hong Kong and celebrated the historic vote to end the trade.

Helping Injured Elephants in Chad

We step up to assist in emergency situations whenever possible. In April 2017, a collaborative effort between Dr. Mike Toft, Foundation Franz Weber, GMFER, SOS Elephants of Chad (SOS Chad) and the African Elephant Coalition (AEC) led to a successful medical intervention on behalf of two African Elephants injured by bullet wounds.