March Strategy

1) All marches are to obtain legal permission in respective cities, if such permits are needed.  Work out a route for the march and a   rallying point and go about getting any permits needed for these.

2) All marches to be conducted in a lawful, respectful and peaceful manner – with no exceptions.

3) Each city to create a Facebook event page.

4) Each city to attempt to deliver Memorandums of Demand at embassies or consulates of range, transit and consumer countries (e.g. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Vietnam, China, etc.). More information on this coming soon.

5) Each march should appoint a social media champion to engage the public on social media, creating global awareness and march participation. Please promote the following global march social media presence on a regular basis:

6) Flyers, posters and other material should be used and distributed widely (on the ground and vie email and social media) to advertise each march. Each city should finalize its posters and flyers as soon as possible – we can help with graphics.

7) Engage NGOs, politicians, and companies: Ask for sponsorship of the march – not financial sponsorship but their agreement to publicly add their name and backing to the  march (including their logo).

8) Engage celebrities:  work on getting the participation of local celebrities and other individuals in the public eye. These can be celebrities in any field – entertainment, sport, business, politics. Having a celebrity supporting (or appearing at) a march may be the single most important element for increasing public awareness and participation … people flock to see and hear celebrities!

9) If you have any questions or ideas you’d like to share, please write to:

Check out the Graphics & Documents page for resources to support your march.

Email us at if you have any questions.